Om Ganesh tattoo

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Om Ganesh tattoo

Om Ganesh tattoo


  • from where did u get this design ??
    this is one of my tattoo designs…..

    • thnx for the comment, i appreciate the fact that you have designed this tattoo design, however this tattoo design was a request from my client as he got this from the internet and he wanted the same design. This tattoo is done by me but I didnt create the design as it was from my client. This photo is taken by me and its my clients tattoo.

      • Hi sunny where u base and can u advice me a lord ganesh tatto on my right shoulder please my mail id is


        • Hi,
          We are now based at Shop no 12, Meera Tower, New Link Road, Oshiwara, Near Mega Mall, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai 400 053. We do lot of custom designing and also have lot of ready options for your tattoo requirements, however we do not mail any of our designs, If you want to see then you need to visit our Aliens Tattoo studio. Our B Tattoo Shop is under renovation and so it is not operational for now. We consider size, design, your skin tone and many other parameters to quote any tattoo. Please call us on 9833065209 or leave your number so that we can discuss about your tattoo requirements.

          Thank You,
          Sunny Bhanushali
          B – Tattoo Shop
          Aliens tattoo

      • Dear Sir,

        I wanna do the same design bt how u will charge for that design please leave the amount in my mail i wanna do it on my arm or wrist….

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